Cub Operation

In April of 2003, the Eagles Sport Aviation Club purchased it's very own J3 Cub, N665SA. In April of 2005, the James Ray Foundation donated funds to purchase a second J3 Cub, N88157.

The J3 is a wonderful tailwheel flying machine and is the perfect platform for tailwheel training. It will teach pilots true "stick and rudder" flying. The Cubs are located at 919 Biscayne Blvd Deland, FL Hanger 11 on Deland Airport and available for solo flight after a checkout by a designated instructor.

There are no hour requirements for solo in the Cub, although the student will need to be proficient in tailwheel flying during normal and crosswinds. Instructors will be preparing students for the checkout throughout their tailwheel transition training.

Cub 3

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