N260AB Pitts

N260AB - 1989 Pitts Special S-2B

"The Pitts" was partially donated to the Club in the Fall of 1999 by Randy Gagne's family. This airplane was the start of the Sport Aviation Club in Daytona Beach. Since 2003, nearly 40% of all first time IAC aerobatic competitors, nation wide, have flown their first contest in our Pitts.

The Pitts has been sponsored by Lycon and Lycoming (2003 and 2007 engine overhaul), MT-Propellers (new propeller in 2002 and continuing support) and many others. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University provided a zero interest loan for the airplane. The current balance is under $15,000 and will be paid off in 2009.

N88157 Piper

N88157 - 1946 Piper 65hp J3 Cub

"The New Cub" was donated in full by James Ray. This aircraft has been recently restored and is in excellent shape. MT-Propeller donated a propeller for this Cub in 2005 which was wonderful! This MT-Propeller has significantly improved both the climb and cruise performance of the aircraft.

This aircraft's primary role is for the recreational use of club members. Club members may use this aircraft for cross-country flights and for formation flight training in accordance with our training syllabus.

N244CG Pawnee

N244CG - 1968 Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee

Our Pawnee is used a a tow-plane for our soaring operation at Pierson Municipal Airport.

The Pawnee was purchased by the Club through individual loans from Bruce and Doug Turner, Carolina Lenz, Kristian Claus, John Grones and Pat Anderson.

This airplane has gone through extensive restoration since purchase. It was moved from restricted to standard airworthiness, the spar carry-through modification was completed, the wings were completely rebuilt, and the aircraft was repainted. All upgrades were done by Club members and with the generous support of Metaltek.

Checkout requirements require 500 hrs total time, 100 hrs tailwheel, and a commercial glider license.

N215ES ASK-21

N215ES - Schleicher ASK-21

The ASK-21 was originally purchased new from Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co by Club member Greg Shugg in 2007. After outfitting, Mr. Shugg donated his initial investment in the aircraft, and the club took over payments on the glider. The ASK-21 is the flagship of the ESA glider fleet, serving as a trainer for high performance glider checkouts and as a cross-country training ship. In addition to regular soaring duties, the ASK-21 is also certified for aerobatic flight, and has been flown by club members in multiple contests, including the IAC's National Championship in Texas.

N411JR Cirrus

N411JR - Standard Cirrus

N411JR, known as "Junior", is a single seat high performance ship currently on loan from the Collegiate Soaring Association. The Collegiate Soaring Association is an organization dedicated to aiding college students in advancing their piloting skills and creating opportunities for college students to soar. Junior forms the core of the ESA's cross-country program. The glider is specifically geared towards college students, and is the next step after the ASK-21; with its high speed, light weight and high glide ratio, is is an excellent ship for college students to take all across central Florida and perfect the art of long distance cross-country soaring.

N2445W Schweizer

N2445W - 1967 Schweizer 2-33

"45 Whiskey" was purchased in the Spring of 2003 with the money donated by Harry Jennings in 1999. The money was previously used to own half a share of a L23 based at Seminole Lake Gliderport. The glider was restored in 2002 by Clarence See of Harris Hill Soaring.

This glider is our primary dual trainer and is based at Pierson Municipal Airport.

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