Pitts Operation

The Eagle Sport Aviation Club operates a Pitts Special S2-B. The club teaches aerobatics with a strong emphasis on teaching young people who are still in school or college. The Pitts is operated out of Deland Airport. We are located at 919 Biscayne Blvd Deland, FL Hanger 11. Click here for directions.

Since 2003, nearly 40% of all first time IAC aerobatic competitors, nation wide, have flown their first contest in our Pitts (N260AB). We have flown 25 IAC contest in that airplane from primary through advanced. Our statistics are impressive: 112 Primary contest flights, 119 Sportsman and 24 intermediate. In 2003, two national champions at Denison, TX were members of our Club.

When operating our Pitts S2B aerobatic aircraft, safety is of the utmost importance. We have many rules and guidelines in place to ensure safe and responsible aerobatic flight. We currently fly in 3 locations to help "spread-out" the noise problems associated with our aircraft. Please understand that we do everything we can to keep the noise to a very minimum, while keeping safety first.


  • Pitts
  • Pitts in flight
  • Pitts rear view
  • Pitts tail close up

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