Annual ESA Safety Review

In order to maintain flying priveleges, members must comform to two requirements on top of the division flight requirements. One, dues paid that month; two, completion of that year's safety review. The safety review consists of a meeting with all members to go over current safety and club regulations regarding all club aspects. During this meeting members will complete a safety exam. This exam will be corrected during the meeting, so we encourage all members to attend to gain that advantage.

If you are unable to attend the meeting listed below, please inform the Head of Safety immediately so an absentee exam can be arranged. In the exam, the general section is to be completed by ALL ESA members. The member only needs to complete the flight section applicable to their areas of flight (Glider, Cub, and/or Tow Pilot). The Collegiate section needs to be completed by those with collegiate memberships only.

If you need to complete a current safety exam, please download and complete the test below. This must be reviewed and signed by an officer and/or flight instructor. Please email a copy of the reviewed answer sheet to the Head of Safety. The area of flight sections must be reviewed by a current club instructor; the general and collegiate sections by and ESA officer.

The documents are provided below. Please email any questions to the Head of Safety.

Safety Test
Answer Sheet

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