The Eagle Sport Aviation Club was created to help promote sport aviation to individuals who would otherwise be unable to participate. We have successfully opened up the realm of sport aviation to our members because of the generous support of our sponsors and through donations. Without the assistance of the companies and individuals listed below, we certainly would not be able to provide such amazing opportunities to the young people that join our club.

The officers and membership of the club would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone listed below.

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  • Our friends at Lycon generously donated the time and effort to rebuild the engine in our Pitts S-2B in 2003 and again in 2007! Lycon is a customer service oriented engine shop with an incredible reputation for supplying the best engine rebuilds for aerobatics in the country. That is why Sean Tucker relies on high performance engines from Lycon.
  • Lycoming provided the parts to rebuild the 260HP AEIO-540 that powers our Pitts S-2B. Their generous support has enabled our club to provide aerobatic opportunities to many young aviators who would otherwise be unable to afford aerobatic flight training.
  • MT-Propeller has generously donated two propellers to the Eagle Sport Aviation Club. The difference with an MT Prop is amazing. We couldn't imagine using anything but an MT on our S2B. The climb performance and vibration free operation of our MT equipped 65hp Cub is simply spectacular.
Southeast Aero
  • Kramer Upchurch, the president of Southeast Aero has always been a supporter of the club. Southeast Aero has sponsored our Keystone contest and also the trip to Nationals in 2006 as well as given us parts such as an intercom for the S-2B at cost.
  • Southeast Aero is located in St Augustine, they have a Cirrus and an Extra Service center and are the Extra dealer for the Southeast. Southeast Aero will start an Aerobatic Flight school in 2007. They will be our commercial partner for Aerobatics.
M&H Soaring
  • Monty and Heinz of M&H Soaring have provided the facilities and expertise to help us in the restoration of our Grob 103. They are an FAA certified repair station and an industry leader in refinishing sailplanes, as well as the North American Schempp-Hirth Dealer.
Hooker Harness
  • Every aircraft we fly is equipped with Hooker Harnesses. The comfortable fit and easy adjustment of our four and five point harnesses is a pleasure. Hooker Harnesses that are easy to adjust were a blessing at our last competition in Sebring where seven club members used our S2B in a Primary competition where time was critical.
Oregon Aero
  • Oregon Aero donated a front and back seat cushion for our Pitts. Both cushions are top of the line, eliminate back pain or hot spots, and make aerobatics safer and more comfortable. The cushions are especially helpful to our club for effective arrangements with multiple users.
Aviat Aircraft
  • Stu Horn, President of Aviat in Afton, Wyoming generously provides our club with parts and expertise to keep our 4000+ hour Pitts S-2B flying like it is brand-new. We probably have the highest time Pitts S-2B in the world, which is directly related to the support we receive from Aviat Aircraft.
Heros Aviation
  • Hero's Aviation has supplied a host of Poly-Fiber covering materials to help re-cover our classic J3 cubs and our gliders. Doug has assisted us tremendously with quick, knowledgeable, and helpful service.
Bruce's Custom Covers
  • Bruce's Custom Covers donated a perfect fit and easy to use custom canopy cover for our Pitts. The aircraft is exposed to extreme heat and sun exposure during competitions. The world's finest cover protects and keeps our plane cool during its summer season and prepares our competitors for successful flights.
Champion Aerospace
  • Champion generously supplies top-quality spark plugs, ignition harnesses, and oil filters for use in all of our powered aircraft. We have had impeccable service from everything provided by Champion Aerospace. Remember, Shane says to never re-use old Outside Gaskets when you re-install your spark plugs.
  • Jason Newburg is a preeminent A&P-IA specializing in aerobatic aircraft sales, service, and consulting. His contributions to the club are innumerable and invaluable.
  • Univair has provided a great deal of assistance in the recent overhaul of or Piper PA-25 Pawnee. Without their support our Pawnee would not be one of the best looking tugs in the country.
Lang Tailwheel
  • We use Lang Tailwheel Assemblies from ACS Products Company on our Pitts S2B and Piper J3 cubs. The Lang tailwheel is an incredible simple yet effective tailwheel that is easy to maintain and has given us years of trouble-free service.
  • Our Pitts probably makes more takeoff and landings than any other Pitts S-2B in the country (the same could be said for our cubs, which make in incredible number of landings for tailwheel training). The great folks at Goodyear tires have kept our aircraft rolling smoothly for 4000 hours.
Lord Corporation
  • Our Pitts S-2B is equipped with LORD engine mounts that do an amazing job of isolating engine vibration. Since replacing our old mounts with the world's best LORD Mounts, we have not needed to replace altimeters and other instruments that often succumbed to the vibration transmitted by the previous inferior engine mounts.
  • Bill Gallagher of Solar-Fit has made generous donations to our club that help promote sport aviation to young people in the greater Daytona Beach area.
Aloft Technologies
  • Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets have merged the most advanced technologies from the fields of hearing science, aviation communications, and performance audio into a streamlined design. Finally, aviation headsets have evolved. The next generation of headset design is not just the best of the featherweight category; it’s the best of any category. We use these headsets exclusively for aerobatics in our Pitts S2B.
Flight Dynamics
  • Dr. Pat Anderson has provided immense resources to the club other than just his leadership and vision. He has provided direct financial support for many projects as well as tangible items, such as his Piper PA-25 Pawnee that we use as our backup towplane!
  • The staff of Eagleworks (ERAU's Applied Aerospace Engineering Research Center), especially Capt. Pierpont, have contributed a great deal of their personal time, energy, and resources to the club. Often behind the scenes and mistakenly underappreciated, the altruistic contributions of these individuals have helped the club immensely.
Falcon Insurance
  • Falcon Insurance provides the insurance to operate our Pitts S-2B and our two Piper J3 Cubs. The support we receive from Falcon Insurance for these aircraft is one of the keys to keeping our aircraft accessible to young pilots who would be unable fly them outside of the club.
Costello Aviation Insurance
  • Costello Insurance Associates provides the Soaring Society of America Group Insurance that allows us to operate our four sailplanes and our Piper Pawnee towplane.
B&C Specialty Products
  • B&C Specialty Products has provided us with an amazing little lightweight starter that just keeps on cranking our Pitts S-2B. This aircraft is subjected to a very high number of start cycles. It was cranked over 60 times (many of them hot) at the last Sebring contest, due to the high utilization of our aircraft by many club members.
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
  • Cleveland Wheels & Brakes equip our Pitts S-2B, both Piper J3 Cubs, and our Piper Pawnee. Top quality brakes from Cleveland have proved their reliability and quality construction in very demanding applications.
Brown Helicopter
  • Tom Brown and his family have continuously supported ESA in our ventures and activities. ESA has enjoyed great financial support to participate in the US Aerobatic Nationals, hosting the biannual regional contests at Keystone, upgrading our equipment, and many more.
Softie Parachutes
  • Para-Phernalia has provided ESA great customer service and sponsorship in the recent acquisition of two brand new seat pack softie parachutes. These top of the line parachutes will continue to serve and protect our members flying the Pitts S-2B.

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