Why join Eagle Sport Aviation?

Welcome! The Eagle Sport Aviation Club (ESA) is a group of recreational aviators from the greater Daytona Beach area. Our members range from college students to airline pilots and everything in between. We fly some very unique, antique aircraft in various segments of sport aviation. Please feel free to browse the website and refer to the quick reference section below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Eagle Sport Aviation at (386) 227 6085 or email info@eaglesportaviation.org.

Our Aircraft


Our 1989 Pitts S2-B is what we consider a "brand new Pitts". Having its fuselage and bottom wing recovered in late 2009 and the top wing and engine overhauled in 2007, this Pitts is in top form.

Capable of achieving over 200mph, 6 positive and 3 negative G's, our Pitts will take you on the ride of your life. Imagine a roller coaster, that you control!

Our members fly for fun and in competition; most recently securing the highest placing collegiate competitors for the 2008 contest season!

Contact the Pitts Vice President for more info at pitts@eaglesportaviation.org.


N215ES ASK-21



The closest you can get to feeling like a bird. Our gliders range from the basic 2 place trainer to the most high performance aerobatic and cross country soaring machine!

The club owns and operates a 2 seat Schweizer 2-33, single seat 1-26, 2 seat ASK-21 Aerobatic/Cross country glider, and single seat Std. Cirrus cross country glider. We also operate our own 1968 Piper PA -25-235 Pawnee as our towplane.

Our members compete at the National level in glider aerobatics recently securing the 2nd and 3rd place trophies at the 2009 U.S. Nationals in the Sportsman Glider category.

For more information about gliders, contact the Glider Vice President at glider@eaglesportaviation.org.


Our 1946 Piper J3 Cub is the essence of sport aviation. The same type of aircraft used to train literally thousands of pilots several decades ago, our antique cub can provide fun and education from the most elementary to advanced pilot.

Our members have the availability to receive training for an FAA tailwheel endorsement and solo the aircraft thereafter.

Our members are our flight instructors and every member has the ability to earn a Cub instructor position.

For more information about the Cub contact the Tailwheel Vice President at cub@eaglesportaviation.org.



Rates & Fees*

Our rates and fee schedule is listed below. Please compare us to any other operation in the United States and truly realize what our club has to offer. To experience three different segments of sport aviation under one club is simply unparalleled.

One time membership fee - $400 collegiate/ $500 all others

Current Rates
*Prices subject to change

Advantages of Joining

• Diverse aviation experience
• Sport aviation is the essence of aviation
• Résumé builder
• Fun flying!
• Competition Aerobatics
• Competition Soaring
• Tailwheel Endorsement
• Glider Ratings (PVT, Comm., CFI-G)