Glider Operations – Current

The Eagle Sport Aviation Club owns and operates it’s own Piper Pawnee tow-plane, a Schweizer 2-33 training glider, a Schweizer 1-26 single seat glider, and a Schleicher ASK-21 dual cross country and acrobatic glider at Pierson Municipal Airport in Pierson, Florida.

In the past we flew out of New Smyrna Beach airport but moved to Pierson airport for better soaring conditions and also to increase our overall efficiency of the glider operation. Throughout the semester, club flight instructors will be available to give instruction to club members.

ERAU students are eligible to receive AS199 credit for their glider rating, however it must be pre-approved with their department chair.


The Eagles Sport Aviation Club started the glider operation in 1999 when Harry Jennings donated $10,000 and the club was able to buy half of a Blanik L 23 that was kept at Seminole Lakes gliderport.

In 2003, the club decided to sell the Blanik and buy a Schweizer 2-33 from Densville, NY. Clearence See restored it. The club started flying the gliders out of New Smyrna Beach airport.

In February of 2004 Fred and Lisa Weber donated a Schweizer 1-26. Then in November of 2004 the club was able to buy a Piper Pawnee tow plane thanks to the generosity of some of the members: Pat Anderson, Bruce Turner, Doug Turner, John Grones, Kristian Claus and Carolina Lenz. The glider operation was moved to Pierson airport.

In December 2004 Alan Brown donated two L-13 Blaniks that are being restored by Chris from Metaltek.

In April of 2005 we were able to build our own club house at Pierson thanks to the generosity of MT Props and other club members that donated $7000. The club members that donated money for the club house are: Lanham Straus, Brian Delaney, Shannon Perdue, Kristian Claus, Ted Van Slyck, Jon Holzman, John Grones, Randy Branch, Danny Harper, Sharon Thompson and Pat Anderson.

Many club members spent several days and hours helping build the club house. Mike Knabe and Pat Anderson did an amazing job clearing the trees, building the floor and deck as well as putting the walls and the roof together. Many other members helped such as: Jason Brown, Wade Andree, Mitch Dimmick, Randy Branch, Doug Turner, Carolina Lenz, Jamie Hosmer, Greg Bruyn and many others.

In the summer of 2005 the club was more active than ever. We decided to spend a lot of money and effort in maintaining our airplanes and get ready for a busy fall semester.

We decided to completely rebuild the Schweizer 1-26 N5844V under the supervision of Tom Huntington. Many members spent many hours helping. Some of the members that helped are: Randy Branch, Jason Brown, Ryan Olson, Andy Franzheim and Jeremy Lucas.

In August of 2005 another 1-26 was donated to the Club from four pilots at Spruce Creek: William Barnett, Sam Wells, Dick Amell and Robert Berry. The N number is 77JW. It is a vintage “A” model!

Also in August of 2005 the club decided to rebuild the wings on the Pawnee. We were able to completely rebuild the wings and paint the whole airplane in 11 days. Aaron Prosser was in charge of the project, Chris from Metaltek helped a lot allowing us to use his hangar and his people. Jason Newberg and Pat Anderson spent several days and long nights teaching and supervising. Thanks to an amazing team effort we were able to have the Pawnee ready for the fall ERAU activities fair.

In October of 2005 thanks to Bob Raskey we were able to buy a Grob 103 high performance glass glider.


Some of the future goals are to establish relationships with other soaring clubs and start doing club exchanges. We would like to start doing x-countries and glider aerobatic training and competition. With everybody’s help and hard work we would certainly be able to achieve our goals.

Glider Instructors

Powell Stone

Powell Stone

Glider Instructor

(941) 545-0458

Trevor Edie

Trevor Edie

Glider Instructor

(810) 310-4833

Franklin Burbank

Franklin Burbank

Glider Instructor

(352) 223-2883

Pat Anderson

Pat Anderson

Glider Instructor, Aerobatic Instructor

(386) 453-4900

Eagle Sport Aviation

1500 Old NDB Rd
DeLand, FL 32724
(386) 320-9443

Tax exemption application and annual filings are available from the club secretary upon request.

The ESA Club is a Florida not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation